Card Payment not Working

HeptaPay uses Mastercard's Payment Gateway to process payments. You can pay with your VISA/Mastercard/American Express debit or credit card. We do not store your card/bank details.  

If you face an issue during the check out process, try the following:  

  • Make sure you are not connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For your security and safety, HeptaPay does not accept transactions from behind a VPN.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct country. The country should be the country from where your card was issued.
  • Make sure you have the entered the correct address (Postal or Zip code) as reflected in your bank.
  • Ensure your account is funded.
  • Contact your financial institution to find out if they are blocking transactions to HeptaPay. This sometimes happens for first time customers.
  • Refresh the page and try again. When an error occurs during the payment process, you may have to refresh the page and create a new transaction.